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This is the software available to download for free. Follow the links for details and the download link for each package. All software has been written using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET © and my be incompatible with older versions of the Windows © operating system.

Before downloading and using, please read the Disclaimer.

Visual Basic .NET and Windows are the copyright © of Microsoft Corporation

You may receive a warning on your browser when downloading any of the software titles, and/or during the installation.
Please do not be alarmed. The reason for the warning is that the software is not digitally signed by an official Certificating Authority.


Windows Vista Compatibility

Please check to see if our software is compatible with your version of Windows before downloading or installing.
To see the compatibility list, please click here.


Start Assist ©

Start Assist © is a startup delayer. It allows startup items to be delayed by various times, therefore allowing items to be started in a particular order.

Sometimes it is desireable to start items in a particular order to avoid conflicts on startup, or if one application needs to be running before another can successfully start. The user can add their own files and set delay times on those too.

Delay any startup application from 1 second up to 300 seconds.

Start Assist © can also be used to delete startup application entries from the Windows Registry Run keys or the Startup folder.

More details and download information here

Windows is the copyright © of Microsoft Corporation.



ColourVal ©

ColourVal © is a simple converter between hexadecimal (web) and decimal RGB colour values.

This software is primarily aimed at web developers, where they are converting decimal RGB values as displayed in a colour dialog, from/into 6 digit hexadecimal colour values as used in CSS files etc.

More details and download information here

Windows is the copyright © of Microsoft Corporation.



Copy Assistant ©

Do you want a file manager, which doesn't take a degree in computing to use? Are you, or do you know someone who has many PC skills when working within particular software applications, only to be totally baffled when you or they need to Copy, Move or Delete existing files?

Then Copy Assistant © may be for you. It is a simple file manager for Windows ©, which presents a layer of protection when used. Here are some features of Copy Assistant ©,

  • Both Source and Destination locations chosen before any processing has begun
  • Files can be selected and viewed before processing
  • 4 different methods of selecting files
  • Report given after processing

More details and download information here

Windows is the copyright © of Microsoft Corporation.



PLC Program Processor icon PLC Program Processor ©

Working with Merlin Gerin /April Programmable Logic Controllers? If the answer is yes, you may find PLC Program Processor © useful. It has the ability to convert code, and list programs in either Instruction List, Ladder or Logic type formats. And we are currently working on adding many more features.

  • Convert PBSoft © Object Files into Source Code
  • Create Ladder and Logic formatted listings
  • Use the Database functions to comment your listings
  • Compare Object Files
  • Loads PBSoft © and PL7 © editors (if they are installed on your system)
  • Create data memory area listings.

More details and download information here

Merlin Gerin is a division of Groupe Schneider.
PBSoft and PL7 are the copyright © of Groupe Schneider.



Lotto Picker icon Lotto Picker ©

Having trouble choosing those elusive six numbers, which may change your life?
Then take a look at
Lotto Picker ©.
It currently works for the UK National Lottery games.

  • Automatically picks numbers for the Lotto ©, Thunderball ©, HotPicks ©, EuroMillions © and Daily Play © draws
  • Uses a built-in database of past results for steered picking
  • Add and view Dream Number © draw results
  • Random, Most Drawn, and Least Drawn picking options
  • Contains an editor to add results to the database
  • Can import and export data files which can be downloaded from here
  • Import data from downloaded Comma Separated Value (CSV) files.
  • Printing support

More details and download information here

Lotto, Thuderball, HotPicks, EuroMillions, Daily Play and Dream Number are the copyright © of the National Lottery Commission.






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