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All software has been written with Microsoft Visual Basic ©. It is FREE to download and use. However, the software is provided "as is" absolutely without warranty of any kind. Please read the Disclaimer before downloading.

PLEASE NOTE: You must remove any older versions of the software before installing the new version.

Visual Basic is the copyright © of Microsoft Corporation

Start Assist ©

Start Assist © is a startup delayer. It allows startup items to be delayed by various times, therefore allowing items to be started in a particular order.

Sometimes it is desireable to start items in a particular order to avoid conflicts on startup, or if one application needs to be running before another can successfully start. The user can add their own files and set delay times on those too.

Delay any startup application from 1 second up to 300 seconds.

Start Assist © can also be used to delete startup application entries from the Windows Registry Run keys or the Startup folder. Now includes a recovery feature for deleted items.

Please note: Start Assist © is a powerful utility which can be used to make changes affecting all users of your PC, so it is recommended that the Windows Registry is backed up before making any changes.

Start Assist © is available for the following versions of Windows ©. Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Installation of the .NET Framework © is required and will occur automatically if needed.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with both x86 and x64 (64bit) versions of WINDOWS.

The current version is V

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Start Assist is the copyright © of AMBsoft UK and Andrew M. Bailey
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