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All software has been written with Microsoft Visual Basic ©. It is FREE to download and use. However, the software is provided "as is" absolutely without warranty of any kind. Please read the Disclaimer before downloading.

PLEASE NOTE: You must remove any older versions of the software before installing the new version..

Visual Basic is the copyright © of Microsoft Corporation

PLC Program Processor icon PLC Program Processor ©

This program will convert and create listings from Merlin Gerin (April) PB type PLC programs which have been saved as Object Files using the PBSoft © software. The current version will,

  • Convert PBSoft © Object Files into Source Code
  • Create Ladder and Logic formatted listings
  • Use the Database functions to comment your listings
  • Compare Object Files
  • Loads PBSoft © and PL7 © editors (if they are installed on your system)
  • Create data memory area listings.

Of course, you already need to be using PBSoft © to save the PLC programs in the correct format for processing. The Options Editor lets you set the default locations for your PBSoft © and PL7 © files.

PLC Program Processor © is only available for compatible versions of Windows ©. Compatible versions are Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Installation of the .NET Framework © is required and will occur automatically if needed..

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Windows 7 & 64bit Windows.

The current version is V

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If you wish to send any comments, suggestions or bug reports, please go to our Support page.

For anyone with a version of Windows ©, which is incompatible with .NET © applications, an older version (V1.0.24) is still available but is no longer supported by AMBsoft UK. You may download it from here.

PLC Program Processor is the copyright © of AMBsoft UK and Andrew M. Bailey
Merlin Gerin is a division of Groupe Schneider
PBSoft and PL7 are the copyright © of Groupe Schneider
Windows and the .NET Framework are the copyright © of Microsoft Corporation




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