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Revision Notes:

V. 1.0.0
-First Make (unreleased)

V. 1.0.1
-First Release. Help file added.

V. 1.0.2
-Problem when entering the Thunderball data. When Thunderball has same number as one of the Main Thunderball balls an error was generated. Fixed.
-Cancel option from the Open (Import) and Save (Export) dialogs not working correctly. Fixed.
-Made background to Lotto Picker icon "clear"

V. 2.0 Build 1179
-Upgraded to the .NET Framework.
-Upgraded interface.
-Now conforms to the Windows XP "luna" interface.
-Added sound effects.
-Added print support.
-Added HotPicks game.

V. 2.0 Build 1185
-Problem with printout. Fixed.
-Ball refresh option on "Lotto" and "Thunderball" games, when changing the Pick Options. Fixed

V. 2.1 Build 2773
-Added EuroMillions game.
-Added Daily Play game.
-Added ability to store and view Dream Number game results.
-Added Import Comma Separated Value (CSV) data feature.

V. 3.0 Build 3557
-Removed Lotto Extra game.
-New graphics.
-Issue with value for ball 50 in EuroMillions game. Data not being retained. Fixed.
-Issue with ball selection for entering data for the Daily Play game. Fixed.
-Issue when choosing EuroMillions numbers with the Most Drawn option set. Fixed.
-Modifications to allow the new CSV files supplied from the National Lottery website to be imported correctly.

V. 3.0 Build 3645
-Issue when entering data for some games resulting in corruption of data file. Fixed.
-Issue when entering data causing draw date not to be stored. Fixed.

-Issue when running on 64bit Windows. Fixed.
-Changes to Thunderball and Euromillions games.

Known Issues:
-No known issues at this time.

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