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Revision Notes:

V. 1.0 Build 1811
-First Make (alpha)

V. 1.0 Build 1892
-First release (beta)
-Added help file.

V. 1.0 Build 1899
-Warning dialog regarding removal of files in the Selected Files List when changing the Source Files Location folder. The result of the dialog is opposite of that selected by the user. Fixed.
-"Folder deletion failed" always appears after deleting files. Fixed.
-After Deleting files, and choosing to delete a folder. If the Destination Location is the same as the Source Location, the Destination Location remains. Fixed, both are now deleted if this occurs.
-No check to see if Source and Destination Locations are the same when Copying or Moving files. Fixed, a warning now appears in the Information Bar.
-New "Select All" button added to Manual User File Select dialog, to enable simple on-click selecting of all files in the list.
-"Browse For Folder" dialogs now start in the same location as that already chosen in the Source and Destination Location text boxes. If there is no current location, the browser dialog will start at the default location.
-Icons now added to the file lists in both the Main Window and the Manual User File Select dialog to make it easier to distinguish different file types.
-One of the links in the help file had incorrect text. Fixed.
-Help file updated to reflect changes in program.

V. 1.0 Build 1940
-Problems with system icon retrieval routine for displaying of icons in the file lists resulting in an Illegal Instruction error on Windows 9x machines. Fixed.
-Installer attempted to show the Changes.txt file after uninstalling the program. Fixed.

V. 1.1 Build 2774
-Compatibility problems with Microsoft Windows Vista. Fixed.

-Rebuilt using new version format. No other changes.

Known Issues:
-No current known issues

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